Black Infinity Set


"Ok, if there were a scale from 1 to 5 stars, Artichoke would receive five stars from me. The perfect work space, a seamless facility where your production team can just get the job done. Add to this a perfect location easily gotten to from either the East or West Bay. I just hope they have an opening for me the next time I need a stage."

Gary Mercer, Mercer Media

The Grip Guide
Podcasts: The Grip Guide

I co-produced a series of podcasts called "The Grip Guide" in partnership with The Pixel Corps and SFSDF. Being a somewhat spontaneous un-scripted project, I shot them all in one day in San Francisco with the exception of the episode on HMI Lights, which was shot at a later date in Los Angeles by Dustin Kitchens. All eleven episodes can be downloaded for free from iTunes. Click HERE for a sample episode.

-- Paul Kalbach

Fisheye View
Fearless Panaram
An example of some of our "stage furniture":

A Mitchell Gear Head mounted on a Fearless Panaram Dolly; all holding up a RED Epic-X . The Panaram is a gear-driven 600 pound tank of a dolly for extra stable shots. Its' turntable base also rotates 360˚ by gears.

Our stage is very versitile; from instant green or blue screen at the flip of a switch (10' x 10' retro-reflective screen with dual-color LED light ring), to larger 15' x 20' green screen or 10' x 20' blue screen for full-body (including floor), to 92' x 12' high of heavy black curtain for a 360˚ black infinity set, or slide the curtain aside to reveal a white wall to use as a large bounced light source. Set flats or custom fabrication available.
7,700 sq. ft. facility with 25' x 20' x 14' stage: 13' to lighting grid, green/blue screen, real-time Ultimatte hardware keying, 360˚ black infinity set, 600 amps/3-phase power, lighting and grip. cranes, dollies, track, Steadicam, wind machine, control room, darkroom, shop, kitchen, solarium, office, make-up, dressing, shower, video / film editing,vehicle access, garden patio/pond.
15 minute drive from downtown San Francisco.

Lots of free un-restricted parking!

We are "REDcentric" and specialize in Red Digital Cinema production and post-production workflows. We offer RED EPIC DRAGON and RED One-MX camera packages along with our stage.
Artichoke Stage
Artichoke Floor Plan

Some recent shoots at Artichoke:

Julz Ramos kicks up the fog on the Artichoke stage for the HATCHET music video, "Signals Of Infection". This turned out to be a pretty good example of what can be done with our black infinity set. To see the finished video, click here. Wayne Marsala was Director, Steadicam Operator, and Editor. Artichoke's Paul Kalbach was DP and Snorkle Crane Operator.
Arthur Rosenfeld
Arthur Rosenfeld from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (regarded by some people as the godfather of energy efficiency) being interviewed for the documentry "Paint the World White".
Gary Mercer of Working Media prepares his set for his series on educational testing.
Halau Makana
Artichoke Productions shoots for the Halau Makana Polynesian Dance Company.
Working Media
Green Screen

About our Green Screen

Click here...
Jeff Foster
Jeff Foster ( shoots green screen tests to illustrate his upcoming 2nd Edition of "The Green Screen Handbook" from Focal Press.
Jeff Foster
A crew from WGBH Boston was here to shoot green screen interviews for an upcoming NOVA episode on Cyber Warfare.


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Jeff Foster
Jeff Foster
Jeff Foster